Ironrise is a co-operative adventure card game for two to six players in a team vs. team format. Set in the world of Spirel, groups of adventuring Heroes face off against scheming Villains.

Mechanically, Ironrise uses cards as assets which must be managed and played in an adversarial manner against the other team. The core mechanic is the Challenge: to gain victory points, each team places their cards in carefully chosen slots to determine the victor in an array of encounters.


The game includes:

Rules and Set-Up:
1 Rulebook, 1 Story Book, 2 Quick Reference Guides, 1 Game Board, 3 Hero Sideboards, 3 Villain Sideboards, 22 Character Avatars
11 Hero Character Cards, 11 Villain Character Cards, 18 Endeavors, 11 Schemes, 90 Hero Asset Cards, 90 Villain Asset Cards, 40 Torment Cards

Location cards:
15 Ironrise Delve Cards, 15 Clocktower Delve Cards, 15 Iron Reach Delve Cards, 15 Nightfall Delve Cards, 15 Port Shatter Delve Cards

36 Martial Chips, 36 Evasion Chips, 36 Savvy Chips, 36 Ingenuity Chips, 16 Difficulty Chips, 1 Turn Counter Chip

6 Persistence Dice, 1 Hero Victory Point Die, 1 Villain Victory Point Die